#fuck you and your perfect love that will never exist #i hate you

#this needs to be a show #about how a man can fall in love with another man #even though theyre not gay #it needs to be a show #about how love is just love #how it doesnt have a sexual orientation #love is love no matter what

I am literally sobbing and choking and I can’t they are so in love look at them look at the way they look at each other I mean are you kidding who could deny this

That look on Harvey’s face just kills me dead.  He’s so clearly in love.

#seriously #i don’t even care if you ship them in a ‘they so obviously belong together’ kind of way #but just look at them okay #look at this scene and tell me that they don’t love each other #tell me that Harvey doesn’t look at Mike and think god that kid is a pain in my ass #and some days he’s far more trouble than he’s worth #but fuck it if he isn’t one of the first real and decent human beings I’ve ever met #and Mike for all that Harvey frustrates him #and doesn’t always know how to be the mentor he needs #he looks at Harvey and he just sees someone who gave a damn about him for the first time in years #someone other than his family #someone who didn’t have to but did it anyway #it’s not about the sex #it’s about two men who found something in the other that they were missing #that is love #it’s not gay and it’s not strange it’s what happens when you’re a fucking human being okay? #can we all agree on that? #because fuck me it’s right there if you missed it

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